About Bright Sky Solar

We are an established Solar Energy Company with many years experience in the supply & installation of renewable energy.
We have a passion for helping our clients reap the benefits of green electricity - saving our planet and saving your money.
We are NAPIT Electrical Contractors and our installation teams and engineers are approved and registered Renewable Energy Installers who work directly for us, We do not employ sub contractors.

Upgrade your existing Solar Installation!

Domestic PV

Solar PV is an excellent investment.
You can save on energy bills, guard against rising fuel prices AND generate tax-free income through the government Feed-In Tariff scheme.
We are an established, accredited Solar Energy Company with many years experience in the supply & installation of solar PVsystems for households.

Battery Storage

Up until very recently we believed that battery storage was too expensive, too bulky and battery life was poor to say the least.
Over the last 3 years our existing customers have often enquired as to whether it was a good time to have a battery storage system and we always replied with an emphatic “no” and suggested that they wait until the price dropped and the product improved.
Now however some systems are vastly superior and have a much better guarantee in terms of years and cycles.

Commercial PV

Solar PV is a proven technology for businesses and provides a statement of corporate responsibility, as well as saving money.
It can encourage wider energy savings and improve employee retention.
Plus, businesses can take advantage of government-backed schemes to and benefit from a guaranteed income!

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Save Money

A large portion of the energy your solar panels produce will be exported back to the grid.
In standby mode 90% of the electricity you generate could be exported.
It is assumed that you export 50% of what you generate and this is what you are paid for by your energy supplier at around 5 pence per unit regardless of how much energy is actually exported.
Your energy supplier will then sell it back to you at a much higher rate (typically 12 pence per unit) when you require more energy than you are generating.
It makes sense therefore to harness this energy, prevent it from going back to the grid and use it yourself.
Battery storage enables you store your excess generation for you to use later when your consumption is higher than your generation.