Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a really efficient renewable energy solution and can be used in both domestic and commercial environments.
There are two fundamental types of pump - Air Source and Ground Source. Both can be used alongside your existing heating system (i.e. boiler etc).

Both operate on the same principle of taking heat - either sourced from the ground or from the air - and transforming it to power your heating or hot water systems, rather than using a conventional boiler.
Heat pumps typically have a lifespan of over twenty years, the equivalent of two conventional boiler lifespans.

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Save Money

A large portion of the energy your solar panels produce will be exported back to the grid.
In standby mode 90% of the electricity you generate could be exported.
It is assumed that you export 50% of what you generate and this is what you are paid for by your energy supplier at around 5 pence per unit regardless of how much energy is actually exported.
Your energy supplier will then sell it back to you at a much higher rate (typically 12 pence per unit) when you require more energy than you are generating.
It makes sense therefore to harness this energy, prevent it from going back to the grid and use it yourself.
Battery storage enables you store your excess generation for you to use later when your consumption is higher than your generation.